Say Thank You

There’s no denying the last couple of years have been hard on everyone. Businesses have had to adapt and evolve to survive. But it's not just employers who have found themselves having to adapt and adjust to the changing environment, their employees did too.

For those who continued to leave the house to go to work, they did so under extreme mental angst. Every day the news reported thousands of new Covid cases and hundreds of deaths, yet they continued to bravely put their fears aside to ensure the fundamental infrastructure society depends upon remained up and running.

For the millions of workers who were sent home and told to work remotely, weeks turned into months, those months became a year, and on and on it went. Having no choice but to clear space in their homes to set up workstations and create home offices, people and families were forced to adapt. 

But as we continue to see our old familiar normal re-emerging, and as we bid farewell to a life of ever changing restrictions, isn’t it time to take stock of the sacrifices your people have made over the last couple of years, and look for new ways to say thank you?

A recent study showed the top 3 things people missed the most during lockdowns were:

One: Seeing family, friends and loved ones 

This was, not surprisingly, by far the most common answer. With people told to stay in their homes, many did not see their relatives for months.

Two: Events and activities.

Even the most misanthropic calendars were obliterated overnight as restrictions forced all but essential businesses to close.

Three: The third most common answer was travel.

Many people said they missed travelling, being spontaneous and exploring new places. Taking a holiday or short break helps lift our spirits, and having one planned gives us something to look forward to.

So, what better way to reward your staff than by giving them exactly what they have missed the most? A chance to spend quality time with the people they love. Something that not only says thank-you today, but offers something to look forward to in the future.


Hotel vouchers are becoming increasingly popular corporate gifts as companies look for better ways to recognise, reward and say thank-you to the staff (and suppliers) that have supported them during the last two years. A hotel voucher, enables the recipient to choose where they would like to go and when they would like to stay. It’s a great way to bring people together, enabling them to temporarily switch off from work and reconnect with the outside world – watch their productivity rise as a result.

We also offer a range of experience vouchers. From quad biking and axe throwing to paddle boarding, escape rooms and more, give the gift of opportunity to make up for lost time with friends, family and colleagues on a day out, from you.


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