Quick and Easy Corporate Gifting

It's hard enough choosing the perfect gift for your employees or clients, but if you want to send that gift to everyone individually it only gets harder still. 

Anyone who has had to organise the Christmas gifts, the anniversary thank yous, the client quarterlies or the Easter treats knows that inputting addresses, working out postage and making sure everything arrives on time can be a nightmare. 

But if that person is you, Treat Time can save you time and sanity. Meaning when you get to the end of today, you can confidently yell (in true James Acaster fashion) 'No more jobs!'

Our bulk upload tool allows you to upload a CSV file or input an API key from your HR provider (if we're not integrated with your HR provider, let us know as we're looking to expand our integrations to make your life easier!). 

This means you can get your gifts sent to multiple addresses in just a couple of clicks. Here's how it works 👇


If you need help placing an order - or would like us to be the angels we are and just get it sorted for you, email hello@treattime.store and we'll get in touch to get your gifting done and dusted! 


Check out our range of gorgeous luxury gifts here 👇

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Featured Image - Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash